SUNZEN Young Artists Charity Exhibition

SUNZEN Young Artists Charity Exhibition

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Feb 6 - 19, 2021

Mon - Fri 10 am ~ 6 pm
Sat 11 am ~ 6 pm
Sun Closed


Sunzen Art Gallery, 420 Howe St., Vancouver

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"SUNZEN Young Artists Charity Exhibition" aims to raise funds for Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, and to support young creatives pursue their goal in the art field. This exhibition and charity sale will provide young artists with an opportunity to participate in and experience the whole process of creation, curation, exhibition arrangement and sales to help them get to know how the field operates. Meanwhile, they will receive comments and advice from professional artists and industry insiders to help them gain more insights into their own artistic practices. The participating artists will focus on the theme "Reincarnation" and explore the relationship between the past and the present, tradition and contemporary through their works.

“SUNZEN 青少年艺术家公益展览”为支持Lions Gate Hospital Foundation狮门医院基金会筹款,感谢医院和医务工作者在疫情中作出的贡献。此次展览和义卖目的在于给青少年艺术家们提供一个与画廊合作展览的机会,参与并体验创作、策展、布展到销售的全过程,同时得到成熟艺术家和业内人士的点评,为以后的创作提供帮助。参展艺术家们将围绕一个主题“再生Reincarnation”,通过作品探讨过去与现在、传统与当下的关系。