Seedpod of The Lotus 莲蓬
Seedpod of The Lotus 莲蓬

Seedpod of The Lotus 莲蓬

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Artist: Xinyu Ma

Age: 14

Size:16*12 inch


作者: Xinyu Ma




Description 作品介绍

Many children, many blessings
In the eyes of Chinese people, the lotus seed has always been loved by people. It is said that the lotus seat where Guanyin sits in the heart of the lotus, which is also called the lotus seedpod. Moreover, the lotus seedpod contains many I seeds, so the lotus seedpod implies that there are many children and grandchildren.
Happy family
Because a lotus seedpod has more than one lotus seed, generally, the lotus seed also means happiness, family harmony, and healthy life. Moreover, the hanging picture with the lotus seedpod in the bedroom symbolizes the love between husband and wife and contains the beautiful meaning of a happy family.
Like the lotus, the lotus seedpod also has the quality of " getting out of the silt but not staining", with the symbolic meaning of purity. Many Buddhist statues use the shape of the lotus to represent the rosette, which well explains the demand for the pursuit of solemn beauty. Moreover, the neat and regular shape perfectly portrays the beauty of Buddhism.
Honest people
Because the character of the lotus seedpod is the same as that of the lotus, it can grow well without any external environmental influence, such as honest and upright people.
Therefore, it appears more in ancient Chinese poetry, which is used to compare
people's good character. It is a kind of highest praise to human nature and perfect
quality that nothing can match.