Reincarnation 再生

Reincarnation 再生

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Artist: Magnolia Kemble


Size: 11*14 inch | Size with frame:16*20 inch


作者:Magnolia Kemble


尺寸:11*14 英寸 | 画框尺寸: 16*20 英寸

Description 作品介绍

2020 was a very unique and challenging year for the whole world. Not just the pandemic threatening our daily life, but all the other environmental issues, such as forest fires, air pollution, and ongoing global warming has made our earth extremely fragile. The conflicts between different nations and people made everything even worse.

My painting of this "broken" Chinese blue & white porcelain vase symbolizes our sick earth, each broken piece telling the story of one of these global issues. When you look closer however, you will discover that each scene/issue is recovering: The missing cloud due to the air pollution is being given back to blue sky; the deforested mountains are being patched up again with new trees; the ivory of the illegally killed elephants has been returned to it by repentant humans; the baby polar bear is finally reunited with his family on the ice. Most importantly, people are beginning to understand each other and are giving each other their love and trust.  All of these restorations, including the whole vase (representing the world), are highlighted with golden lines which represent Kintsukuroi, a traditional technique for repairing porcelain.

Blue and white porcelain is a symbol of traditional Chinese culture. By using its classic motifs and patterns from different eras such as natural elements from the Yuan Dynasty, or the popular "baby playing" pictures during the Kangxi period in Qing Dynasty, I recreated new images to interpret today's stories. The golden Kintsukuroi is also the metaphor of the golden heart deep inside each human being, which will eventually make this world a better place than ever!



我的作品中描绘的是一个破碎的青花瓷花瓶,好比受伤的地球,每块碎片中讲述着不同的故事代表着我们当下面对的全球问题。 仔细看,你会发现每个场景中的问题都正在一一被修复: 由于空气污染导致失去的白云被拼了回去;被乱砍乱伐的山林被重新缝补了起来;非法杀猎的大象的象牙由忏悔的人类重新还给了它;北极熊的宝宝也重新回到妈妈的怀抱;人与人之间也重新建立了爱与信任。 所有的这些修复都由代表着传统陶瓷艺术的金缮工艺来完成的,包括整个破碎的花瓶(世界)也因金缮而重新获得新的生命!