Kettle of Eternity 永恒之壶
Kettle of Eternity 永恒之壶

Kettle of Eternity 永恒之壶

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Artist: Ariel Zang

Age:grade 11

Size: 17*13


作者:Ariel Zang


尺寸:17*13 英寸

Description 作品介绍

The art Kettle of Eternity was a painting of an iron kettle tilted slightly, and trickling water flows out of the spout and into a cup. Inside the cup there is a sapling that has 11 leaves growing on it. There are also two fish in the cup that are swimming and cause the water spater out of the cup. On the bottom surface of the kettle and cup, there are clusters of dots. On the background, there are irregular raindrops and different patterns of semicircles stacking together existing on the 2 diagonal corners in the backaround。

Medium of the art:

The art Kettle of Eternity was a printmaking on kraft paper. Although

printmaking needs a long time to carve but after it is done the artist can print the same art on the paper for many times. This is why printmaking is so unique. This painting looks very ancient due to the uneven ink and the colour of the kraft paper. For additional visual effect of the art, Ariel Zang used half white, half black paper behind the painting

Meaning of the art

Water brings life to all creatures and makes all things inherited. In this art piece, the water poured from the iron kettle brings life to the fish and the sapling. Through this painting, Ariel Zang hopes that the traditional craftsmanship of all different cultures around the world can be passed on from generation to generation. Just like the water in the picture, flowing forever

About the artist

The art Kettle of Etemity is created by Ariel Zang. A grade 11 student currently learning at Sentinel Secondary school. She has interest in using different art techniques for creating art pieces and learning about different cultures's artwork and history. She believes that the eyes are the windows of the soul but it is not the only way we can see the world through Intuition, which is another way we may use to see through the word

But it requires us to be open and receptive to all hidden meanings and feelings around the world