Desert Night 夜晚的沙漠

Desert Night 夜晚的沙漠

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Artist: Tobie Yumou Wei

Size: 21*25 inches


作者:Tobie Yumou Wei

尺寸:21*25 英寸


Description 作品介绍

This painting is based on a photograph of a desert. Personally I think Buddhism is the best way to represent reincarnation. I have been to Dunhuang, a city in China’s northwestern Gansu Province, on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Being inspired by the Buddhism environment in Dunhuang, I especially like the landscape of the deserts. Many monks who traveled between India and China along the Silk Road for the transmission of Buddhism spent countless years in the desert. The many curves and edges witnessed thousands and thousands of reincarnation throughout the history are fascinating to me. In the background, I also blended a sense of personal story to deliver my own feelings towards the theme.