Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting 茶道 · 品鉴
Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting 茶道 · 品鉴
Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting 茶道 · 品鉴

Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting 茶道 · 品鉴

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Come and taste the best PU-ER tea in Vancouver.  At SUNZEN, we aim to promote the conversation between people of different cultural backgrounds, through a cup of tea. We also want to invoke a conversation between humans and nature, which contributes to finding back the real peacefulness of mind. 

Our classical tea ceremony & tasting offers an experience lasting for 90 minutes. A licensed, experienced tea master will be with you and teach you everything about PU-ER, as well as the Eastern tea culture in general.  During the ceremony, PU-ER tea at different ages will be provided to compare the differences between young tea and aged tea, as well as pre-fermented (生) and post-fermented (熟) tea. We are confident that with the best tea and the best ways of brewing, we are able to bring back the magic of nature, and the magic of time, to a small cup in front of you. 

Your Package

Your package includes one pot of semi-aged Pu'er tea that you can choose from 3 options: 

  1. 2013 “San Sheng Yuan” Pre-fermented PU'ER Tea, 三生緣
  2. 2013 “Happiness and Fortune” Pre-fermented PU'ER Tea, 福禄圆
  3. 2008 “Good Fortune” Post-fermented PU'ER Tea, 鴻運

In addition, you can choose your second pot from our list of over 20 high-quality and well-aged Pu'er tea. In order to fully enjoy this experience, we recommend you to taste two to three pots of different tea during your ceremony. *Additional cost may vary basing on the tea you choose. 


*During this special time, we can only take reservation of 4 people or less. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please carefully review the Booking and Cancellation policy before making your reservation.

Covid-19 Update

Please read our Covid-19 safety protocols before booking. Read Here >>

【茶道 · 品鉴】




  1. 2013 三生缘生普洱茶
  2. 2013 福禄园生普洱茶
  3. 2008 鸿运熟普洱茶

同时,您可以从我们超过20款陈年普洱中选择您想品鉴的茶品。 为了更好的体验本次茶席及体验,我们建议您选择两到三壶茶,以感受不同茶品口感口味的差别。*费用根据您选择的茶品可能会不同。


About PU-ER tea

Pu'er tea or pu-erh tea has been used to aid digestion and improve metabolism for over 1500 years.  The ageing process took away raw flavour and adds a delightful and long-lasting aroma to the taste. Made with carefully hand-pick leaves from Yunnan, China, followed the traditional craftsmanship, these loose leaf tea will bring your tea tasting experience to the next level.