Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival【端午 · 茶席】

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival【端午 · 茶席】

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Our gallery events have come back! Come and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival at SUNZEN! 

To celebrate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Sunzen Art Gallery will have a special event next Saturday (June 19th) at 2:00 ~ 3:30 pm. This event will take place at our exhibition space in downtown Vancouver. During the event, we invite you to try zongzi, the special dim sum that Chinese people have during the Dragon Boat Festival. We will also invite you to try a special floating tea ceremony with our tea master, Sida Chen.

Event process:

2:00 ~ 3:00  dim sum tasting and special tea ceremony

3:00 ~ 3:30  current exhibition, Modern and Tour De Force, guided tour.

【端午 · 茶席】

我们的画廊活动又回归了! 来SUNZEN一起庆祝端午节吧!
Sunzen Art Gallery将于下周六(6月19日)下午2:00~3:30举办端午特别活动。我们将邀请您与我们的专业茶艺师陈思达一起体验一场特别的空中茶道,茶间品尝端午传统美食。 异国他乡里,依然保持传统节日的温馨和仪式感。