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Allegory | Chen Wenling's Solo Exhibition

Allegory The Storytelling of Chen Wenling July 30 - September 21, 2021SUNZEN ART GALLERYMON - FRI 10:00 AM - 6:00 PMSAT 11 AM - 6:00 PMSUN CLOSED >> BOOK YOUR VISIT Surrounded by stainless steel - the substance that symbolizes the great success of the Industrial Revolution - a skinny boy stands out with a dazzling red color and a simple, innocent smile. He climbs on rocks, juggles with balls on his head, does handstands... These simple games are full of fun in the eyes’ of a child, making him forget about the hunger and cold that permeated every slit of his life. This thin boy is the epitome of Chen Wenling's childhood. Despite the poverty and lack of material...

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